Mooring Track Record

July 16, 2021

ONA Consultants has a well proven track record supporting mooring operations across all spheres of station keeping. We are familiar with, and have completed multiple scopes including:

• Preparation of infield mooring plans;
• Management of diving and ROV inspections;
• Mooring component inspection and replacement;
• Preparation of in-field anchor as built location drawings;
• Catenary management and assurance;
• Load monitoring and operational support when operability is becoming marginal;
• Monitoring field abandonment and disconnect preparation triggers.

Our Offshore Naval Architects are able to support our work with the provision of:

• Mooring Analysis;
• Mooring Leg Design;
• Mooring Component Design;
• Mooring System Fatigue Assessment;
• Metocean Evaluation;
• Hydrodynamic Analysis;
• Operability Assessment;
• Mooring Installation Procedures;
• Drafting; and,
• As built documentation.

Review our broad experience in this short presentation Mooring Experience

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