Queensland Tug Moorings

Location: Bowen

ONA Consultants, for the Cardno Maritime Team took the lead on the re-design and refurbishment of terminal tug moorings in North Queensland.

The scope was was in three parts including:

  • Investigation
  • Diving Remediation
  • Re-design and Installation

The moorings had previously been installed and inspected by various marine contractors yet had a history of ongoing failures. ONA were able to guide the evaluation and investigation into the failures, redesign the systems and oversee installation according to best practice mooring standards. Following on from this, ONA were able to implement long term management procedures and plans for the future integrity of the system which would provide assurance throughout the entire life cycle of the mooring assets providing real value to the mooring owner and satisfying regulatory authorities.

As the site company we also attended and signed off on all installation and survey activities. ONA also developed and implemented operational procedures that protected the mooring assets and reduced the likelihood of overloading or operator damage. In this instance ONA were able to support our client and bring the mooring back into service as quickly and efficiently as possible.

ONA provide mooring asset support services to minimise cost and maximise return on marine investments to forward thinking vessel owners/operators, government and corporations looking for a competitive advantage using asset lifecycle management to reduce maintenance costs, improve asset performance, enhance decision making, and extend useful life. Our team of asset managers support mooring lifecycle considerations including RPEQ sign off and design approval.


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