Our story:
Innovation through collaboration.

Since we started out in 2006, it has been our goal to enable offshore energy, maritime and defence clients to improve operational outcomes and minimise risk, costs and downtime through the highest quality applied naval architecture and marine engineering.

How? By collaborating and challenging conventional thinking. By embracing new technologies and providing more than just telling analytical insights. By delivering simpler, more robust strategies and solutions that work, not just in theory, but in practice.

Always listening, always evolving

As an independent consultancy, operating a partnership model, we’re continually evolving our capabilities to meet our clients’ changing requirements to the point where, today, our expertise is as diverse as our client and project portfolio.

More about our expertise

Our mission

To create a new, more fluid and innovative kind of consultancy delivering specialist marine expertise that inspires confidence.




Our philosophy:
Fluid thinking,
robust solutions

Technical acumen is a given at Offshore Naval Architects. Every member of our marine consultancy team brings an impressive depth of knowledge to the table, creating a formidable marine engineering consultancy environment. That’s why we’re trusted by energy companies, contractors and underwriters alike.

But what really sets us and our solutions apart is the way we combine and integrate this expertise, working hand-in-glove with our clients and tailoring our team accordingly.

It’s a fluid, collaborative approach that ensures we understand your operational challenges and requirements intimately. And this understanding translates into solutions that deliver tangible, measurable value where it matters: in the field and on your bottom line.

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