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It’s time to think more fluidly about naval architecture. To work more collaboratively with marine operational experts on solutions that work in the real world.

At ONA, our expertise spans the entire marine consulting spectrum, from vessel design and construction, technical validation and incident investigation, to marine asset management and offshore field development and installations.

This means you can select the subject-matter experts you want, gain the strategic insights you need and take uncertainty out of the marine engineering equation.

Naval Architecture and Design

Offshore Naval Architects (ONA) provides world class naval architectural services across the commercial marine, oil and gas, defence, and maritime industries.

We act on behalf of owners, operators, and shipbuilders to make sure every project is a success. Working with statutory and regulatory authorities, we ensure compliance across all standards and requirements. Our support can range from initial overviews of design proposals, through to the design, tendering and build phases.

We provide professional naval architectural services including:

  • Classification submissions and appraisal
  • Design and structural optimisation
  • Detailed structural design
  • Docking and launching calculations
  • Finite element analysis
  • First principal structural calculations
  • Global structural design
  • Midship modulus calculations
  • Still water and wave bending calculations
  • Structural detail design
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Vessel Repair, Maintenance, & Conversion

Sea going vessels, both offshore and inshore, need regular maintenance to meet their operational requirements and to comply with statutory regulations.

Furthermore, at ONA we recognise that vessel upgrades, and modifications are the key to maximising asset suitability and availability. With offices in Brisbane and Perth, Offshore Naval Architects (ONA), is strategically located to provide the right support at the right time to operators. Our project managers are trained to manage the most intricate and challenging projects and are able to advise and assist you on any subject in order to get you back on the water and earning as soon as possible.

We work across all contractual frameworks and have the expertise you need to support your project in steel, aluminium, timber and composites. We work both locally and regionally to support customers across the commercial, defence, energy and pleasure sectors of our industry.

  • Conversion Concept and Costings
  • Tender Specification and Evaluation
  • Engineering Change Drawings and Packages
  • Progress Claim Assessments
  • Refit and Project Management
  • New Build and Refit Project Management
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Marine Tow, Transportation and Installation

Offshore Naval Architects (ONA) provide risk and marine engineering support for of ocean-going tows, offshore installation, and floating facilities. This experience extends to the floating wind energy and decommissioning sectors of the energy industry.

Our skills and expertise allow us to provide, hydrodynamic, marine lift, motions and flexible type analyses and technical assistance to projects. This translates to excellent risk management of such activities allowing us to cut to the chase and provide real value and engineering judgement for our clients.

Our key personnel have been involved in many major ocean tows, installation of floaters and mooring systems in the region and key roles in the mega LNG projects of recent years. ONA’s reputation and credentials are unmatched in this domain. High risk offshore naval architecture engineering is our specialty.

As industry specialists in Marine Tow, Transportation and Installation we provide:

  • Lift and Upend Analysis
  • Motions and Sea-fastening Analyses
  • Subsea Lift Analysis and Procedures
  • Station keeping and DP Simulation
  • DP Capability Assessments
  • Live anchoring and Tow Analyses
  • Barge Ballast Plans and Assessments
  • Tow Planning and Risk Mitigation
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Marine Assurance, Surveying and Investigation

ONA are able to offer a range of condition, valuation and marine warranty survey services across Australasia. We also offer flexible turnkey assurance and advisory services to the insurance and financial markets.

Our profile makes us the choice for formulating and implementing high risk marine management plans.

  • Commercial Marine Survey
  • Insurance and Damage Appraisal
  • Incident and Accident Investigations
  • Off and On Hire and Bunker Surveys
  • Collision and Salvage Assessments
  • Cargo Securing Surveys
  • Load Out and In Surveys
  • Marine Warranty Services
  • Safety Equipment Surveys and Audits
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Verification and Validation Engineering

Offshore Naval Architects (ONA) acts as an independent body to establish that high risk maritime and offshore marine structures have been designed, constructed, and installed to protect the health and safety of people in or near the facility and the risk to project assets.

Validation and Verification each provide different levels of assurance and can be achieved at either desktop or analytical levels. The level of assurance is dictated by our client requirements and can include underwriter interests and regulatory interests.

Often overlooked, the assurance provided by a recognised third party can never be underestimated, and ONA have the tools, expertise and experience to navigate the most onerous of technical risks quickly and efficiently. We are also on hand to assist our clients understand the risks associated with contractor capabilities or lack thereof in shaping successful project outcomes.

Our validation and verification engineering extends across:

  • Fixed and Temporary Structural Assessments
  • Lift and Upend Installation
  • Pipe and Flexible Lay
  • Drill Rig and Riser Operations
  • Riser and Fatigue Analysis
  • Near shore barge list stability
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Port, Slipping and Shipyard Engineering

Offshore Naval Architects (ONA) offers significant experience and expertise gained form working with and for various slipways and docks across Australia and South East Asia. We work equally well across the and understand the technical and operational risks of slipways, travel lifts, synchro lifts, floating docks and dry (or graving) docks.

Our expertise runs form the technical requirements of docking plans to integrity and maintenance of docks and associated facilities. Our docking specialists understand how to navigate the nuances and requirements of  both civil docking diligence and defence processes (DEFAUST) and equally we can facilitate underwriter reviews and requirements from audit to implementation.

We understand both from a client and operator perspective the requirements and expectations for successful outcomes.

Specific services provided by our engineering and docking specialists include:

  • Slipping and Docking Plans
  • Docking Management Services
  • JH143 Shipyard Assessments
  • Repair Plans and Installation Work Instructions
  • Blocking Structural Assessments
  • Typhoon Shipyard Mooring Assessments
  • Cyclonic Securing Assessments
  • Global Lift and Sewing Assessments
  • Project Management Services
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