Electric Vessel Propulsion – Tourism

Location: Perth

On behalf of a progressive marine tourism provider ONA has been providing significant support in building the foundations for electrically powered tourist vessels in Northern Australia. Consulting and building on our extensive marine design background in low resistance hulls and offshore electric power management system knowledge we have undertaken extensive research and feasibility studies into a unique new concept for our principals.

Currently the use of electric propulsion is feasible for short intermittent usage and recharge cycles and accordingly this is perfect for low resistance catamarans and tourist operations. The Europeans tend to be leading the race however there appears to be much consolidation required across integrated across the motor, batteries and power management systems before the technology will permeate all marine operations. However for tourism operators, the interest is high and we expect the technology will be readily accepted and encouraged through passenger patronage and endorsement.

An example of the technology being applied in the pleasure market can be seen at Sunreef Yachts (

Our clients will be moving forward, supported by ONA, in adopting the technology and developing new sustainable tourism operations.

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