Mooring Feasibility Study of Aging Shiploader Berth

Location: Yampi Sound, Western Australia


At the request of the facility owner, the ONA team undertook a mooring feasibility study of a typical bulk carrier alongside an aging ship loading facility. The ship loading facility was constructed in the 1940s and consists of unique rectangular box beam dolphins and a non-conventional fendering system made of truck tyres.

The feasibility study investigated both operational and technical aspects of mooring operations, with the assistance of a mooring analysis study.


We developed a basis of design covering all the known information about the ship loading facility. This was used to rationalise loadcases, which were used to determine the loads present in the system during ship loading operations.

From this, we undertook the assessment with a focus on three main areas: environment conditions, operational assessment of the facility, and an assessment of the vessel for loading operations.

Once the assessment was completed, we made recommendations to improve safety and reduce the risk inherent in an aging facility.

Outcomes and benefits

Our work and recommendations can be used as a building block for the client to progress, allowing the facility to re-start ship loading operations with minor improvements to the facility, while also improving safety, reducing risk and enabling the client to undertake long-term improvements.

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